Concert Dates for 2017

Concert #1  –  Saturday 1st July at 4pm, All Saints Church, Howick

Levels 2-5, Junior Strings, Wind Band, Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band and Howick Youth Orchestra.

Concert #2  –  Saturday 9th September at 10.30am, All Saints Church, Howick

All Guitar, Keyboard, and Do Re Mi Music and Sol Fa Music Students.

Solo Recitals

Saturday 4th  November 3.00pm All Saints Church, Howick

All Wind/Piano students, including level 1 students.

 Sunday 5th November 4.30pm All Saints Church, Howick

All String students including Level 1 String group.

Concert #3  –  Saturday 18th November at 4pm, All Saints Church, Howick

Selected Soloists/groups TBA, Junior Strings, Windband, Guitar Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Howick Youth Orchestra.